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New Study Documents the "Environmental Injustice" of EPA's Soon-To-Be-Unleashed Climate Tax

on Impact to Poor of EPA GHG regsA groundbreaking new study reveals that the carbon tax being pushed by the Environmental Protection Agency will hit minorities, middle-income families and the working poor the hardest.

Download a one-page summary of the study here.

An Executive Summary of the study is here.

The full study is here.

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This tax will hit all Americans hard -- small businesses, farms and ranches, churches, schools, hospitals -- no one will be spared the pain of higher energy costs from the EPA carbon tax.

Such a tax on America's poor is the definition of "Environmental Injustice," according to the leaders of the Affordable Power Alliance, which commissioned the study.

You can stop this travesty!

Go here to tell President Obama, and your elected representatives in the U.S. Congress, to stop EPA bureaucrats from slamming minorities and the working poor with a carbon tax.

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